Frequently Asked Questions

If you need assistance with FarmLord, you've come to the rightplace. Get instant answers for the most common questionshere.

  • whatshotWhat is FarmLord?

    FarmLord is Africans choicest online platform aimed at connecting smallholder’s farmers to individuals / organization that will fund them locally & internationally, thereby reducing unemployment, creates jobs; improve food security and the livelihoods of our people.

  • whatshotWho are the brains behind FarmLord?

    It’s a team of professional passionate men and women who have come from the Agriculture, engineering, Finance and Technology sector. Between the ages of 24 and 36. Our common goalis seeking for ways to impact on smallholder’s farmers thereby reducing unemployment, createsjobs; improve food security and the livelihoods of our people.

  • whatshotHow do I join FarmLord?
    1. STEP. 1
      • YOU can choose the option of either Funding a farm or Observe a farm Create your farm Funding profile
      • Visit the Farm shop
    2. STEP 2
      • select the option of the farms that suits you, crop or animal farm and pick any of interest
      • Farm types include Cassava Farms, Maize Farms, Tomato Farms, Chicken Farms
      • All farms have different tenure/contract period and varying ROI from -25%
    3. STEP 3
      • you are now ready for video/pictures/timeline up dates on what happens in the farm
      • Learn what it takes to farm in your selected farms.
      • Watch your farmer grow the farm and engage him/her at will
    4. STEP 4
      After the harvest and once the produce have been sold, FarmLord will return to the investor’s wallet together with the profit Earned.
  • whatshot How can I contribute to FarmLord initiatives?

    Great! If you believe in our vision and advocacy, we'd love to get in touch! There are numerous ways you can contribute feel free to contact us anytime.

  • whatshotIs there any difference between a Farm Funder and a Farm Observer?

    Yes Farm Funders invest their money into farms expecting a return on their investment after their harvest has been sold.

    While Farm Observers make no financial commitment, so they can only follow a farm to get updates about the activities going on within that contract of the period they followed. Farm Observers will also see the return on investment that farm Funders get but will not participate in the profit from the sold harvest.

  • whatshotDo farm Funders benefit from FarmLord?

    Yes Farm Funders will get a rewarding profit from their farms and this can come up to - 25% on your original investment for sponsoring a farm.

  • whatshotIs there any requirement to Fund a farm?

    Yes you will be required to purchase a minimum of one farm either crop or animal farm.

  • whatshotCan I invite friends to join me?

    Yes, you can invite friends from Facebook to join you and enjoy FarmLord experience using the Invite friend’s button tied to each farm.

  • whatshotCan I calculate my return on investment on FarmLord alone?

    Yes, each farm has a Profit Simulator for you to be able to calculate your return on investment. You can increase or decrease the number of farms you buy and it will calculate your net profit along with your initial capital.

  • whatshotDo I need to follow up on my investment?

    FarmLord is designed to give crop Farm funders updates at least every 21days. And Animal farm funders updates every 14 days these updates will come in form of text, pictures or videos of activities going on in your farm. Also, when there is a new update, the farm Funder is notified via mail.

  • whatshotWhat is the duration for investment cycle?

    Its dependent on the farm you select, the investment cycle can run from 4 months to 24 months.

  • whatshotHow does my Investment get paid

    1. The profit is paid into the Farm Funders Wallet on FarmLoard
    2. The Farm Sponsor can re-invest in another farm or cash out their investment immediately.

  • whatshotCan I invest in more than one farm?

    Yes, you can.

  • whatshotIs my investment protected?

    Yes we have secured the investment of our Farm Funders with insurance from reputable firms. Also, we have provided the right environment with the best farming practices for the farmers to farm.

  • whatshotHow does funding actually help the farmers?

    Traditionally, farmers needed to approach informal lenders and loan sharks to get the capital they needed to start a farming cycle. This made them profit less due to the high interest rates (as high as 30% per month) put upon them. With FarmLord farmers get paid for labor and at the same time take majority of the profit - significantly better than other lenders. Hence, their great reception of the services of FarmLord.