How it Works

  • Fund/Invest

    There are two ways to participate in the project. First is as an OBSERVER, or as an INVESTOR. An observer is a potential investor who for a season decides to follow and monitor the progress of any farm as a potential investor. As an immediate investor, you have to

    1. Choose a farm of your choice from the array of farms listed.
    2. Choose an investment plan from the options provided.
    3. Fund your virtual account through a bank deposit or cash transfer
    4. Notify farmlord of your transaction.

    Once this is done, your investment is registered and you will receive a funds receipt for the payment and an investment agreement for the investment. This will guide the transaction and help monitor your investment while you wait for the designated time to harvest. The time to harvest varies per crop or livestock option.

  • Farm funded

    The invested sum and cash inflow will be transferred to the farm as cash inflow and resource input to drive the production process.
  • Productivity Enhanced/Optimisation

    Other strategic inputs are brought into the farm to optimise productivity and profit at the harvest. These inputs include extension services, improved crop varieties, fertilizer, experienced farm HR, etc. These are accessed in bulk volumes through official channels and legitimate government sources to optimise cost and minimise waste.
  • Harvest And Returns

    At the maturity of the crops or livestock, they are sold to consumers or processors at fair market price and profitably. The funds accrued from the sales are then split between the farmer, investor and other investors in the investment proportion and according to the agreement.

Farm Lord