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Providing a safe way to connect farmers to investors to boost productivity.

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About FarmLord

FarmLord is an integrated agricultural platform that allows the development of the Nigerian agricultural sector through the pulling together of all inputs and human resource required to develop different value chains.

This concept is designed to provide opportunities for investors and farmers to combine each other’s capability to develop teams for agricultural business lines or products. Farmlord makes this relationship possible, smooth, safe, reliable, quick and profitable for all the partners.

Farmlord also provides market access to all agricultural business team at the harvest point. The market receptors could be wholesalers, processors, major retailers or just the consumers lots of whom will be off-takers. These active markets are being compiled and enlarged on a continuous basis to ensure the agricultural value chain being developed is viable, active, quick and profitable.

Other beneficiaries that aid the farmer are the input supplier who is contracted to supply quality input to the various farmers at wholesale prices since the purchases will be in bulk for the multiple farm teams involved in each product value chain. This strategic relationship helps the farmer get quality input at affordable rates and the supplier does large supplies.

Our Approach

  • filter_dramaVision

    To unlock the African agricultural potential and improve the quality of life through synergistic effort of farmers and investors with the aid of new and improved technology.

  • placeMission

    Our mission is to provide the most functional and integrated platforms for the development of agriculture at all level within the private and public sector.

  • whatshotObjectives

    To create an avenue and opportunity for private investors to get into Agriculture enterprise.

    To increase funding for the agricultural sector in Nigeria

    To facilitate improved market access for agricultural producers

    To create very profitable agricultural cash flow for investors

    To help in the improvement of agricultural output in multiple agricultural sub-sectors

    To improve the storage and transportation of agricultural produce between farm settlements and markets

    To facilitate the supply of raw materials to industries using agricultural output as their primary input

    To create jobs and alleviate poverty

Our Team

We have a team of carefully selected professionals at all levels of the business drawn from appropriate fields to ensure effective service delivery is guaranteed at all times.

Our consistent staff training policy has helped the company to stay on the cutting edge of the business.

Other members of our team are the support group which comprises most of our nontechnical staff that are also trained to keep the system running smooth and effective.

Our Partners

FARMLORD is supported by critical partners who play essential indispensable role within the company, some of these partners include:

National Agricultural Insurance Corporation
Bank of Agriculture
Various Local Governments
Leadway Assurance Company Limited

Others include:

  • Nigerian Agric Insurance Corporation
  • Bank of Agric
  • Commercial banks
  • Agricultural research institutions
  • The Local government
  • Etc
These groups of organisations provide essential and strategic services that keeps the business going.